Asheboro ABC Board seeks additional site

ASHEBORO – The Asheboro ABC Board is looking to open another location in Asheboro, board general manager Rodney Johnson said.

Business has been on the uptick for Asheboro’s only ABC store and keeping enough inventory in stock has been troublesome at times.

The best-case scenario would be to secure a second venue in north Asheboro.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to help north Asheboro,” Johnson said.

Johnson said traffic studies and addresses of building permits have gone into determining where another store should be located. He said it’s clear that’s a part of the city and county that would have enough business to warrant another store.

“That’s where most of your rooftops are at,” he said. “We would like to be where we can meet more needs of the rest of the city.”

The current Asheboro ABC store is located on South Fayetteville Street.

“We don’t have enough storage room,” Johnson said, noting an increase in customers during the past couple of years. “We have more business. You’re always trying to balance this with, ‘Is this a COVID thing?’”

The growing business has come with certain challenges for the existing location.

“We’re at the point we have to do something,” Johnson said. “It makes it very difficult to keep from running out of warehouse space. We need places to put stock.”

According to information from the board, the area along North Fayetteville Street from Hub Morris Road to Pineview Street might be an ideal location.

The needs are rather specific, something the board has spelled out. A second ABC store in Asheboro would need to include 5,000 square feet of building space with parking suitable for 40 or more vehicles. The store must also have a loading dock capable of accommodating tractor and trailer deliveries.

The board’s requirements also include having easy access to north- and south-bound traffic on North Fayetteville Street, preferably at a traffic signal. A long-term lease is desired.

Anyone with suitable property or an interest in meeting these specifications should contact Johnson. The board will need property owners with potential locations for a store to submit a proposal.

There are four ABC stores in Randolph County – one each in Asheboro, Liberty, Ramseur and Randleman.

By Bob Sutton