Asheboro represented on Mid-Piedmont Conference all-conference lists

Asheboro’s Arianna Lovingood-Smith’s lands in the pit in the triple jump during the state championships last month at North Carolina A&T. (PJ Ward-Brown/Randolph Record)

Here’s a list of the Mid-Piedmont Conference’s major award winners plus Asheboro’s all-conference selections for spring sports:


Player of the Year: Bailey Smith (Ledford)

Pitcher of the Year: Walker Bethune (Ledford)

Coach of the Year: Kevin Goss (Ledford)

Asheboro: Hunter Koontz, Davis Gore, Tanner Marsh, Alex Martinez.


Boys’ golf

Player of the Year: Cayden Bryner (Oak Grove)

Coach of the Year: Guhi Bowers (Central Davidson)

Asheboro: David Elliott, Luke Payne


Girls’ soccer

Offensive Player of the Year: Haley Long (Oak Grove)

Defensive Player of the Year: Reese Sullivan (North Davidson)

Coach of the Year: Emily Ramon (Asheboro)

Asheboro: Riley Adams, Sarah Allred, Madison Arroyo, Ashley Barrios, Sherleen Barrios, Natalie Flores, Madison Luck.



Player of the Year: Salem Ward (Central Davidson)

Pitcher of the Year: Salem Ward (Central Davidson)

Coach of the Year: Brittney Shaw (Central Davidson)

Asheboro: Salem Lee.


Boys’ tennis

Player of the Year: Logan Thoma (Ledford)

Coach of the Year: Caleb Robertson (Central Davidson)

Asheboro: Patrick Piansay, Tyler Smith.


Boys’ track and field

Distance MVP: Issac Reyna (Ledford)

Field MVP: Caleb Lopez (Montgomery Central)

Sprint MVP: Evan Walters (Oak Grove)

Coach of the Year: Trey Cook (Central Davidson)

Asheboro: Nicholas Chavez, Cayne Duranceau, Zacheus Jones, Kai Matthews, Valentino Mark.


Girls’ track and field

Distance MVP: Jillian Parks (Central Davidson)

Field MVP: Arianna Lovingood-Smith (Asheboro)

Sprint MVP: Azaria Martin (Montgomery Central)

Coach of the Year: Carl Weaver (Central Davidson)

Asheboro: Jacqueline Holden, Arianna Lovingood-Smith, Sion Martin, Audrey Patterson, Veronica Powell, Morgan Williams, Rebecca Wilson.

By Randolph Record