Asheboro seeks public input on new greenway project

ASHEBORO — The City of Asheboro is in the process of gathering public input for a proposed 1.8-mile greenway, envisioned to start at Vision Drive and extend northward along Haskett Creek to West Central Avenue. The project, which has been in development since July, is currently in the feasibility study stage.

The proposed route, detailed on the city’s website, aims to utilize existing sewer line easements and incorporate floodplain areas. It is set to cross various types of properties including commercial zones, rural residential lots, and spaces linked to Homeowners Associations and institutional entities.

A key aspect of the feasibility study involves discussions with property owners along the potential route to secure easements necessary for the greenway’s creation. The city intends for the greenway to serve not only as a recreational pathway but also as a connecting route to North Asheboro Park, potentially acting as a trailhead. Plans also include establishing links to Balfour Elementary School and North Asheboro Middle School, with a section following the West Bailey Street public right-of-way from the Haskett Creek bridge to North Asheboro School Road.

The project is under the city’s jurisdiction as the entire proposed greenway falls within the Asheboro corporate limits. The N.C. Department of Transportation is collaborating as a partner in support.

The North Asheboro Greenway Feasibility Study will assess various potential routes, both along roadways and off-road, to identify the most viable option. It will also provide cost estimates and draft an implementation strategy for the greenway’s construction. The completion of the final study is targeted for spring 2024.

Residents are encouraged to share their views and suggestions for the greenway through an online survey available at Alternatively, paper surveys can be requested by calling 336-626-1201, ext. 2323.

The city is keen on incorporating community feedback to ensure the greenway meets the needs and expectations of Asheboro residents.

By Abby Cavanaugh