Asheboro City Council Candidate Profile: Charles A. Swiers

Q. Please list your educational background

A. UNC-CH, BA Political Science

Q. What is your occupation?

A. Retired Independent Insurance Agent

Q. What area of public policy are you most passionate about and why?

A. Making Asheboro a wonderful place to live, work, and do business

Q. What makes you uniquely qualified for the office you seek?

A. 10+ years on the Asheboro Planning Board and City Council since 2011

Q. What is the primary change that you will seek if you are elected to public office?

A. The City Council constantly works to improve the community quality of life so I don’t see the need to change that emphasis.

Q. Why are you running for office?

A. To help make Asheboro exactly where our citizens want to live!

*Charles A. Swiers is an incumbent

By Randolph Record