Dog bites students at elementary school

SEAGROVE — A dog that made it onto the playground area at Seagrove Elementary School last week created an uncomfortable situation.

Four students were bitten by the dog during recess.

A message from the school principal Jamie Armfield was issued to parents: “I am calling to inform you about a situation in which a dog came onto the playground on our school’s campus today during third and fourth-grade recess and bit four students. Staff members immediately removed all students from the playground and contacted Randolph County Animal Services and Seagrove Police. All students and staff members returned safely to the school building. The four students who were bitten by the dog were examined by the school nurse, and their parents were contacted.”

Randolph County Animal Services assisted in identifying and contacting the dog’s owner. That process wrapped up last Friday, a day after the biting incident at the school. The dog has been quarantined for 10 days.

“At this time, the school system will be assessing the situation at Seagrove Elementary School to determine the next steps in relation to the playground,” said Dr. Stephen Gainey, superintendent of the Randolph County School System.

By Randolph Record