Final service set for Asheboro church

Giles Chapel United Methodist Church has been around for almost two centuries. (Courtesy photo).


ASHEBORO – The final service for Giles Chapel United Methodist Church is scheduled for Sunday.

The church has been in existence for 189 years in rural Asheboro.

“So many families and individuals have passed through these halls and sat in the pews,” said an announcement about the ceasing of services. “Endless numbers of memories that have been made here, from weddings, Christmas celebrations, Easter celebrations, Baptism ceremonies, and watching people kneel down in front of the altar giving all their concerns and worries to God. The love felt in the church is such a blessing and knowing when you walked into this church, you knew you would laugh, cry and be comforted by those around you.”

The church has a long history. It persevered all the way back to the time of the Civil War.

“We used to be known as ‘the singing church’ and our chimes could be heard over the hills near this part of town, Gold Hill Road and Giles Chapel,” according to information from the church.

Membership had dipped to below 20.

“We have held strong,” the notice from the church read. “The Lord has kept us in his stronghold. And, as time rolls on we understand things change with it. … It is heartbreaking for so many but, God mends our brokenness and in Him we are made whole once again.

News of the church’s impending closing saddened some.

“I am so sorry to hear this,” wrote Kathleen Logsdon. “You will always be in my heart. … We were blessed by our years serving at Giles Chapel.”

In one recent online sermon, paster Michael Lee said: “You have challenged me to look at things in new and challenging ways.”

The church has operated in conjunction with Cedar Falls United Methodist Church on Loflin Pond Road in Asheboro.

The final service is scheduled for 11:15 a.m. Sunday at 1627 Giles Chapel Road. Afterward, a lunch will be held in the fellowship hall, with attendees asked to bring a dish to share. Memorabilia will be set up in Trogdon Hall.

“We openly invite every single person, family who has ever been to Giles Chapel, grew up in our church, had anything to do with our church at all, even watching us online during COVID to come out,” a statement from the church read. “Even if you had never been to our church before, we welcome all people to come out.”

By Bob Sutton