Randolph Hospital relaxes COVID restrictions

ASHEBORO — Visitors to Randolph County’s only hospital will have more access and patients will be able to see more visitors after changes announced Monday. Randolph Hospital said in a press release that due to decreased COVID-19 activity the hospital would implement new visitation rules effective Tuesday.

Visiting hours will now be 7am to 8pm. Visitors will be screened for COVID symptoms, including a temperature check, and must be 12 years of age or older.

Visitors will still be required to wear masks.

COVID patients can now have two visitors from 4pm to 8pm while inpatients and emergency patients can now have unlimited visitors each day. Intensive care patients will still be limited to two daily visitors.

Maternity patients are permitted to have three adult visitors during active labor. Once labor is completed, maternity patients can have unlimited visitors.

By Randolph Record