Seabolt’s condition improves as sheriff handles some duties

ASHEBORO – Randolph County Sheriff Gregory Seabolt remains under medical care, but he has resumed some of his duties remotely.

“He’s doing much better,” Amanda Varner, government relations and public affairs director for the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, said Monday. “They’ve got him eating again.”

With Seabolt away, there has been a shifting of temporary duties. Col. Aundrea Azelton, chief deputy of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, is overseeing operations.

Last week, the following statement was issued from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office via Deric Skeen on behalf of Seabolt and his family: “Sheriff Seabolt has been hospitalized with an illness after first experiencing symptoms shortly after the beginning of this year. As the Sheriff continues improving under medical supervision and treatment, Chief Deputy Azelton is overseeing the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Seabolt appreciates the continued dedication and service of all his deputies and the continued support of the citizens of Randolph County.”

Varner said she’s unable to provide the location of Seabolt’s hospitalization.

Seabolt, 60, took part in a meeting Monday morning via telephone, Varner said.

Last week, the sheriff’s office issued the following statement: “Our thoughts and prayers are with our Sheriff and the Seabolt family during his time of healing.”

Azelton is described as a long-time member of law enforcement. Varner didn’t have the specifics on Azelton’s longevity with the department.

Seabolt won re-election to his position in November. The Republican is in his second term after first winning an election for the position in 2018. Before that, he had more than 2½ decades in law enforcement with the North Carolina State Patrol.

By Bob Sutton