Sunset Signature Series brings variety of cultural events to Asheboro

Kyle Petty will perform this weekend in Asheboro. (Courtesy photo)

ASHEBORO – The Sunset Signature Series has been in place to offer a variety of cultural experiences.

With that as the foundation, it has turned into a success, Owen George said.

“We have a lot of flexibility with this program, which makes it great,” said George, who’s president of the Friends of the Randolph County Public Library.

Next on the list of events for the Sun Signature Series is Saturday’s music presentation by Kyle Petty at Sunset Theater in downtown Asheboro.

“The whole concept of the Sunset Signature Series is to bring world-class authors, performers and visionaries here,” Georgie said. “In a small city, we can have all these cultural experiences wrapped together.”

Last month, author Judith Turner-Yamamoto, an Asheboro native, was featured as part of the Sunset Signature Series. In March, country music recording artist Stephanie Quayle performed.

The series is a combined effort of the Friends of the Library, Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau, the City of Asheboro and numerous volunteers. The setting is Sunset Theater, where nearly 400 people can attend the free shows.

Owen George (Courtesy photo)

“We don’t have to fill it up every time, but we want it to be a memorable event,” George said.

Often there’s a reception involved to further the experience with the guest speaker or performer.

This all helps introduce people to Asheboro’s downtown with restaurants, micro brewery, wine bar and other shops, George said.

In some ways, the events are twofold as they provide different entertainment for local residents and also attract outsiders to Asheboro.

“It really depends on who we have, but it does bring out of towners,” said Amber Scarlett of the Heart of North Carolina Visitors Bureau.

George is in his second year as president of the Friends of the Library. The involvement in the Sunset Signature Series has been a perk.

“It has been a great experience,” he said. “That has been a real blast to take the lead on that program.”

There’s no strict schedule, but generally there are about a half-dozen Sunset Signature Series events each year.

“It’s something that adds to the quality of life,” Scarlett said. “And it shows some love to downtown.”

Petty, from the renowned NASCAR family, will perform a selection of original tunes from his personal songbook this weekend.

On Nov. 11, there will be a film premier of “Company K: From Asheboro to the Fields of France.”

By Bob Sutton