Two Asheboro stores fined for overcharging

ASHEBORO – Two retail stores in Asheboro have been fined by the Department of Agriculture after audits showed they overcharged customers at an unacceptable rate.

Dollar General store at 435 N.C. 49 South and CVS Pharmacy at 440 East Dixie Dr. were cited.

The Department of Agriculture’s Consumer Services’ Standards Division conducts audits of stores around the state to monitor retailers. This process identifies when posted prices in the stores differ from what customers are charged when purchases are scanned at check-out.

There were 42 stores in the state fined across the first three months of 2022 based on the random selection of products when the state conducts audits at stores. If a certain percentage of items rings up as overcharged, stores can be fined.

The Dollar General store was fined $5,595 with an initial error rate of 6%. CVS Pharmacy was fined $795, also with an initial error rate of 6%.

By Randolph Record