Asheboro music, jewelry store to close

ASHEBORO – Monroe’s Music & Jewelry is closing later this month after more than six decades in business in Asheboro.

Business owner Tony Hoover said he wants an opportunity to experience different things.

“I feel like it’s time,” Hoover said. “It has been my life. When you’re on your dying bed, you don’t ask God for more money, you ask for more time.”

The store on Sunset Avenue will close Jan. 29.

Hoover owns the building, but he said he’s not sure what’s next for the site.

At one time, there were five employees. Now, it’s just Hoover, 63.

The business was opened by G.L. Harris 63 years ago. It was sold to Monroe Herring, who later changed the name in the 1960s to reflect the new ownership.

Hoover began working at the store in 1986. A year later, he bought the business.

“I’ve spent all these years (in this job),” he said. “I’ve been blessed to be here that long.”

Hoover said he was going to continue the business with online sales, but he has since decided otherwise. Still, he might use that procedure to reduce inventory once the store closes.

He operated with reduced hours for 14 months during the pandemic. He said sales dipped 10 percent.

Hoover will continue to handle other jobs that were in many ways connected to Monroe’s Music & Jewelry. He said he’ll maintain his role of doing church installs for music systems. He’ll also work with live sound for area bands, something that he has enjoyed for years.

“Fortunately, I’m still going to be in the music field,” he said.

The store’s combination of music and jewelry sales makes it unique. With so much of Hoover’s background in music, that often might have seemed like a priority. However, he said the jewelry repair aspect of the business often thrived.

By Bob Sutton