Caraway moves holiday event to late January

SOPHIA – The 36th edition of Caraway Speedway’s Thanksgiving Classic has been postponed for about two months.

Last Sunday’s version of the event was called off because of expected rainy weather.

So Russell Hackett’s Original Thanksgiving Classic has been moved to Jan. 29. Afternoon races will be scheduled for UCARs, Mini Stocks, Street Stocks, Late Models, Challengers, Bootleggers and Enduros.

“We are dealing with a special event with this race,” track owner Darren Hackett said. “Russell Hackett’s Thanksgiving Classic has been a staple of the Caraway Speedway schedule for 35 years and we don’t want to break the season-ending tradition of giving the racers who support us throughout the regular season, one last chance to race. With that said, we have decided to make that ‘last chance’ the ‘first chance’ for 2023. With so many tracks starting early, we decided to join the crowd and give our teams the chance to race early in the year,”

The speedway’s annual rules meetings and open practice already on the schedule remained as scheduled Saturday.

January kicks off with a “336 Meets” event Jan. 7. The Caraway Speedway awards banquet is set for Jan. 14 at the track.

By Randolph Record