First monkeypox case confirmed in Randolph County

ASHEBORO – Randolph County has its first confirmed case of monkeypox.

Tara Aker of Randolph County Public Health said after Monday’s announcement that “so far it’s an isolated case.”

The unidentified individual is isolating at home, though no other information will be disclosed, with the health department citing patient privacy.

“At this time, the risk of monkeypox transmission remains low,” Aker said, noting that the health department’s communicable disease team is monitoring the situation closely.

Monkeypox is an infectious viral disease that can occur in humans and some other animals. It typically involves flu-like symptoms, swelling of the lymph nodes and rash with bumps initially filled with fluid.

Aker said didn’t have information about where the individual with the confirmed case lives in Randolph County. She said it’s a “very recent” confirmed case.

Randolph County Public Health is working with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in response to this case, Aker said.

Randolph County Public Health officials encourage testing for anyone experiencing close contact with someone diagnosed with monkeypox or anyone with unexplained bumps, sores, blisters or pimples.

Vaccines are available to protect against monkeypox. In North Carolina, there’s a limited supply of vaccine for monkeypox and eligibility criteria prioritizes individuals with known or suspected exposure to the virus.

By Bob Sutton