Full Moon shines on downtown Asheboro

Full Moon Oyster Bar and Seafood Kitchen opened its Asheboro location last week in downtown. (PJ Ward-Brown/Randolph Record)

ASHEBORO – The management of the Full Moon Oyster Bar and Seafood Kitchen couldn’t wait to get started in Asheboro.

Vice president and part-owner Rob Russell said the eatery got off to a grand start last week in its downtown location.

In some ways, landing in Asheboro was an unexpected development.

“I didn’t know if it would suit us,” Russell said of the process that began about 15 months ago. “Like almost all the Full Moons we have, this location kind of found us. We immediately fell in love with it and it was a Full Moon.”

This is the chain’s seventh location, with the two closest to Asheboro in Jamestown and Southern Pines.

There are entrances to the restaurant from North Street and Trade Street. Full Moon is leasing the building owned by Asheboro mayor David Smith.

Russell said the location fit the concept that has worked well for Full Moon. There’s foot traffic and a locale in what he referred to as a quaint downtown.

“Downtown Asheboro felt like it had a soul,” he said. “It felt like home.”

Full Moon Oyster Bar open its doors last week in downtown Asheboro. (PJ WARD-BROWN/RANDOLPH RECORD)

Russell said when management members toured Asheboro they were encouraged by the support.

“It felt really good to be wanted,” he said.

There was a soft opening Jan. 3 “which ended up not so soft,” Russell said of the interest that developed right away.

Russell said Full Moons thrive on creating a welcoming atmosphere, with popular music on the sound system. Full Moon’s theme is “Come as a stranger, leave as a friend.”

“I think it’s the kind of thing you have to experience,” Russell said.

Full Moon is open seven days away for lunch and dinner.

By Bob Sutton