Green Metals to join Liberty’s jobs scene

LIBERTY – Green Metals Inc. is coming to Liberty, providing another jobs boost connected to the Toyota Battery Manufacturing plant at Greensboro-Randolph megasite.

The company is a partner in the Toyota Tsusho family associated with scrap/waste handling and recycling solutions.

Based on information from the Randolph County Economic Development Corporation, Green Metals will process dry battery material for offsite recycling, as well as handle and store other waste streams. Materials will be packaged and sent off for recycling.

Green Metals could make an investment of nearly $19.8 million across five years in the Liberty project, according to RCEDC. The site could be operational by early 2025 in a new facility as part of the Toyota Battery Manufacturing complex.

Kevin Franklin, president of Randolph County EDC, said, “GMI will play a critical role in the EV battery ecosystem by ensuring safe and advanced waste processing, helping the company achieve its goal of ‘battery to battery recycling’ which benefits all of us.”

Initial projections show 47 additional jobs related to Green Metals.

Part of the luring of Green Metals to the megasite comes from collaboration through Randolph Community College, which will provide training support.

Green Metals, which already has eight locations in the United States, has corporate headquarters in Georgetown, Ky.

By Bob Sutton