HUDSON: A victory for life

Five decades of prayer have been answered.

On Friday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Dobbs v Jackson that is overdue news for life and the unborn. I am glad the Court decided to return power to where it belongs – the people and their elected representatives.

Did you know more than 600,000 babies were murdered in the United States through abortion last year? In total, more than 60 million lives have been ended by abortion since Roe v Wade was implemented 49 years ago. It is clear, ending Roe v Wade’s unconstitutional and unscientific precedent – which mandated allowing abortion even beyond the time a baby has a heartbeat, feels pain, or sucks her thumb – will save innocent lives.

Following the Court’s decision, it is important to know there is not a nationwide ban on abortion now. The ruling simply restores states’ rights to pass the laws which they choose regarding this issue. The Court’s decision Friday centered on a Mississippi law which placed common sense limits on abortions after 15 weeks, except in emergency cases. At 15 weeks, a baby in the womb has a heartbeat, as well as fully formed arms, legs, fingers, and toes. A baby at 15 weeks responds to sounds, light, and even sucks her thumb. She also feels pain. In fact, modern science has evolved to the point doctors can operate on a baby at this stage. And they provide her with medication for the pain.

Science and medicine have advanced a great deal since 1973. Many people who support abortion now realize there should be reasonable limits. In fact, Roe v Wade’s unconstitutional precedent placed the United States in an extreme category, as one of only seven nations in the world, including North Korea and China, that allow abortion up until birth. By contrast, 47 out of 50 countries in Europe place limits on abortions near 15 weeks.

We now know it is barbaric and cruel to dismember a baby that can feel excruciating pain. That is why the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade is the right thing to do. Decisions about what limits should be placed on abortion are now returned to the people to decide. And the people, through their representatives in Congress and state legislatures, should make these decisions – not seven unelected men, as was the case in 1973.

I have been a vocal advocate for the rights of the unborn all my life. In Congress, I have stood up for life and am proud to have a 100% rating from the National Right to Life for my voting record. I am inspired by faith leaders and so many in our community who have helped lead this effort. Unfortunately, many of the critical pregnancy centers that care for babies and mothers across our state and nation have been the target of violence over the past month.

Like violence toward justices on the Supreme Court, violence against faith-based and pro-life organizations is unacceptable. That’s why last week, I joined my colleagues in demanding the Department of Justice investigate recent attacks and take action to stop violence. Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday, I will continue to pray for our nation and call for peace.

Last week marked a historic moment in the decades-long fight for life. As these debates continue, know I will always stand for life, as well as the need to care for mothers and babies at all stages of pregnancy. In everything I do, I remain focused on common sense solutions to address the most important challenges we face. This debate should be no different.

By Rep. Richard Hudson