HUDSON: Taking on inflation and Pelosi’s assault weapons ban

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

Politicians in Washington would be wise to heed these famous words from former Bill Clinton advisor James Carville when it comes to addressing the issue most important to American families. Yet, today’s Washington Democrats have time and time again failed to listen and are only making matters worse.

On Thursday, we learned our economy shrunk for the second quarter in a row. Unfortunately, this signifies that the economy has entered a recession. However, President Joe Biden and other Democrats in Washington have refused to accept this fact or take responsibility, trying instead to redefine the meaning of recession altogether.

The American people are smarter than that.

Over the last year and a half, all of us have felt the impact of the highest gas prices in history and highest inflation in 41 years. I’ve heard from Charles in Hope Mills, who must now spend $160 a week on gas to get to work. And Deborah in Cumberland County said she’s paying double to fill up her car, while her grocery bill is up $25 each week.

Data has shown this too, as consumer confidence dropped once again last week. That’s because inflation is still battering families across the country. The cost of goods and services continues to skyrocket nationwide, costing the average American household nearly $500 extra a month. In North Carolina, families are paying an average of $64 more on food, $306 more on transportation, and $175 more on energy. Similarly, gas prices remain $4.22 nationally, almost $2 more per gallon than when Biden took office. Wages have also not kept up with inflation, down 4.4%.

American families cannot afford these price hikes and pay cuts, nor can they afford excuses from President Biden and Washington Democrats. The problems facing our nation are daunting, but we do have solutions to address them.

The first is taking concrete steps to combat inflation and get our economy back on track. This starts by cutting unnecessary federal spending, lowering taxes, and implementing rational reforms that will grow our economy and create jobs. We must also make America energy independent by boosting domestic production and unleashing American energy.

Instead of working with us on these solutions on Wednesday, Senate Democrats announced a new proposal that will explode the size of the IRS, leading to fewer new lifesaving medical cures being developed and crippling our economy through tax hikes and climate policies. The $700 billion ‘Build Back Broke’ legislation will only make our inflation crisis worse, as well as further expand big government and give it more control over your life.

This worldview is why House Democrats also revived their plans for an ‘assault weapons’ ban last week. A previous ban did not stop violent crime or tragedies like Columbine. Yet, the left continually pushes these gun control measures because it makes them feel good. Last week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor and attempted to exploit your fear and the pain of victims in order to gain support for this ridiculous measure. Pelosi and House Democrats want you to trade your rights for security. But the fact is you will end up with neither.

I am leading the fight against this ban and other unconstitutional gun control because the Second Amendment is clear and is the right that protects all our other rights. That’s why I addressed the House after the Speaker to directly refute Pelosi’s fear-mongering and to make it clear that this ban is neither constitutional nor would it be effective at stopping acts of violent crime. Law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms and defend themselves, just like 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken did with his concealed carry permit when he recently stopped a mass shooting at an Indiana mall.

Instead of things like bans, mandates, and other measures implemented by those who believe in big government, I believe in giving people more freedom and personal responsibility. Along those lines, I called on President Biden last week to end vaccine mandates for our military servicemembers. I have heard from many at Fort Bragg about how mandates have impacted their families. And thanks to Operation Warp Speed, we have vaccines and therapeutics that no longer make COVID-19 a significant risk to life or the readiness of our military. It is now past time for the Biden administration to respect the rights of our servicemembers at Fort Bragg and around the world.

Instead of forcing needless mandates on Americans, our government should focus on policies to improve public health and safety. Last week, I helped pass legislation to do just that.

The Advancing Telehealth Beyond COVID–19 Act of 2022 will make permanent telehealth flexibilities initially authorized during the pandemic. This bill mirrored legislation I put forward in April, and I’m happy this common-sense policy to improve health care quality, and access will move to the Senate. H.R. 7624, the Spectrum Innovation Act, includes provisions I wrote to modernize our critical 911 infrastructure and improve the ability of first responders to handle emergencies and save lives.

We have many challenges. Yet whether it is growing our economy, protecting your rights, or improving the health and safety of our community, I remain committed to delivering solutions for you and your family.

By Rep. Richard Hudson