HUDSON: The state of our union is in crisis

Under President Biden’s failed leadership, the State of the Union is in crisis.

He can try to convince the American people his policies are working, but after his address last week, one thing is clear — they’re not buying it.

Over the past three years, Americans have experienced one crisis after another. From the catastrophic open border, skyrocketing prices fueled by inflation, to surging violent crime, to weakness on the world stage, President Biden has made our country less prosperous and less safe.

Since President Biden took office, folks in our region and across America are paying more for everything. His reckless spending and anti-energy policies have led to historic inflation, soaring gas prices, and higher interest rates, making it more expensive for people just to buy the basics. Mortgage rates have also doubled, skyrocketing the cost of purchasing a home and putting the American dream of homeownership out of reach for more families.

This crisis has left many families drowning in credit card debt. Many people have had to take second or third jobs to make ends meet. Hardworking Americans are suffering because of President Biden’s failures, and they’ve had enough.

President Biden’s open border policies and disregard for our immigration laws have created the worst border crisis in U.S. history, turning every community into a border community. Under the Biden Administration, there have been roughly 8.7 million illegal crossings nationwide, including over 340 individuals on the terrorist watch list. Countless innocent lives have been tragically lost to fentanyl poisoning and criminal violence at the hands of people here illegally. Just a few weeks ago,

Laken Riley, a Georgia college nursing student, was brutally murdered by an illegal migrant who’d been paroled and released into our country after crossing the border illegally in 2022.

The crisis at our border is a catastrophe of the President’s own design, and he could fix it today with a stroke of a pen, but he refuses to act. Meanwhile, House Republicans passed a bill to stop the flow of illegal migrants and secure America’s borders. We won’t stop fighting to secure America’s borders and protect our communities.

While President Biden continues to dodge responsibility and ignore the suffering his policies have caused, House Republicans are fighting to hold him accountable and restore our country’s greatness once again.

Richard Hudson represents North Carolina’s ninth Congressional district.

By Randolph Record