Randolph Communications awards eight scholarships to students

ASHEBORO — Randolph Communications has awarded scholarships to eight high school students as part of its annual scholarship program. The scholarships, each valued at $1,000, aim to support the students’ educational pursuits and encourage them to make positive contributions to their communities.

The eight recipients were selected based on their exceptional academic achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to creating positive change in their communities:

  • Jasmine Nichole Moody from Eastern Randolph HS
  • Katherine Grace Oldham from Chatham Central HS
  • Kelsey Deanna Hussey from Chatham Central HS
  • Kristen Ashley Garner from North Moore HS
  • Lauren Rachel Caviness from Chatham Central HS
  • Leah Grace Waisner from Southwestern Randolph HS
  • Lorelei Elaine Elberson from South Davidson HS
  • River Anne Seawell from Montgomery County Early College

“By investing in their education and personal development, we are not only empowering these students to achieve their dreams; but, we are also equipping them with the tools to drive positive change in their rural communities,” said Kim Garner, CEO & General Manager at Randolph Communications.

Since 1995, Randolph Communications has awarded more than $164,000 in scholarships. The 70-year old firm provides telecom services across eight North Carolina counties.

By Randolph Record