REMC will host electric vehicle event at zoo

ASHEBORO — An electric atmosphere is expected at the North Carolina Zoo this week, and the enthusiasm will be in the parking lot instead of the habitat areas. On Friday, September 30, Randolph Electric Membership Corporation will sponsor “It’s Electric,” a public education event showcasing electric vehicles. The outdoor event, planned during National Drive Electric Week hopes to draw attention to the positive aspects of driving all-electric and plug-in hybrid automobiles.

Vehicles from various automobile dealerships, an electric school bus and EV chargers will be on display for REMC members and guests of the Zoo. The first 100 participants will receive a free gift. The event begins at 9 am and ends at noon. 

“More of our members are asking about the benefits of EV ownership,” said REMC’s Director of Innovative Energy Solutions Michael Trent. “Randolph Electric is dedicated to educating our members about how to power your home, your life and your vehicle.”

Randolph Electric has an Electric Vehicle Utility Program (REVUP) that offers members of the cooperative a $500 rebate on a level 2 EV charger for their home. REMC also provides special time-of-use rates that encourage customers to charge during off-peak hours when energy is less expensive.

“It’s exciting to be part of the ‘It’s Electric’ celebration this year,” said Zoo Director and CEO Pat Simmons. “We welcome the opportunity to introduce our green fleet to visitors and to reinforce our commitment to sustainable practices that reduce our impact on the natural world.”

There will also be an opportunity for local electric vehicle owners to showcase their vehicles at the event. The Zoo and REMC are encouraging car participants to register their attendance prior to the event through the website.

By Randolph Record