Rep. Neal Jackson files bill to give Moore and Randolph County Schools more flexibility

For his first bill filed as a Representative of Moore and Randolph counties, Rep. Neal Jackson is proposing a bill to give public schools greater flexibility with the school year start date. He is pleased to be joined by Speaker Pro Tempore Sarah Stevens, Rep. Donnie Loftis, and Rep. Brian Biggs. 

The current statute requires schools start no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26. Rep. Jackson’s bill would allow public schools the flexibility to open as early as August 10 each year. This bill would also allow for flexibility with first-semester testing and would align with college schedules allowing easier transfers for graduating seniors. This school calendar flexibility bill does not dictate the start date local school boards must abide by, but instead gives them the freedom to decide what schedule works best for their community.

Rep. Jackson commented, “This bill is the response of the numerous requests of our local school officials and parents who desire a schedule that works best for our students and their future scholastic goals.” 

Rep. Donnie Loftis said, “This bill will provide flexibility for local school districts to coordinate learning that aligns with our Community College system and centers of higher learning. It also provides opportunities for local school districts to complete mid-year testing before the Holiday break.”

 Rep. Brian Biggs had this to say, “I am happy to bring this bill to the legislature to ensure the flexibility that the school systems need to be able to best serve our residents. We will continue to champion the needs and rights of our students, parents, and local officials to make the best choices for our school systems.”

By Ryan Henkel, North State Journal